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Curb side grilling no matter what the size of the crowd.

RENT Grill equipment for ANY size events.
provides mobile catering or grill rentals.

Not only do we rent our grills we provide 
Grill Masters to work them.

These are the same grills in all of our BBQ competitions

All grills include free delivery within a 25 mile range
or three dollars a mile over 25 miles.

Our latest model grill is 14 ft long with a smoke box, smoking chamber, burner and grill combo. Rents for $150.00 a day.  

Our aluminum backyard grill rents for $100.00 day and has all the needs to feed over 20 people at a time and is perfect for chicken.  

For $25.00 day we also have several seasoned cast iron pots in many sizes that makes this the perfect pot to feed any event. 

Of course to make your party a hit we have a three burner banjo stove that rents for $50.00 a day.  

We also have cooks on request with an additional charge of $25.00 / hr this includes the wood or charcoal depending what unit you want to rent.

In the event you decide to hire us to cook, we provide plates,utensils, and napkins etc...



9:00AM - 6:00PM


9:00AM - 6:00PM


9:00PM - 4:00PM

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"I rented the Grill on Wheels and it was just what I needed to feed the 60+ friends and family for our Hosted annual Event."
-- Keith T